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During the spring period, the weather is unstable: nice sunny days changing with rainy ones. Always a clean windshield is important for traffic safety, so we recommend using the OMBRELLO hydrophobic treatment. This product is intended for the European market, also known as Aquapel.  OMBRELLO, we apply in the workshop, the windshield and two front windscreens will take approx. 1/2 hour.

OMBRELLO / Aquapel functionality is widely tested. Glass  surface will retain its hydrophobic properties for several months. Practically, it means a cleaner windshield during rain, much easier cleaning of insect residues and frost. The coating forms a connection to the glass at the molecular level, it cannot be wiped with ordinary window wipers. We can apply OMBRELLO on both used and completely new car glasses.

The properties of OMBRELLO meet the requirements of major car manufacturers, so it can also be used to restore the factory coating.  OMBRELLO processing will allow the hydrophobic function to be restored.

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